The Labyrinthine

February 22, 2011

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Undine 1978

Harald Naegeli



February 20, 2011

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Stephen Amidon wrote the book — which traces the story of the human heart through the world of science, history, culture and our bodies — with his brother, Thomas, a practicing cardiologist in Montana and a former medical director of The Hope Heart Institute.

Pump On: A ‘Sublime’ Biography Of The Human Heart



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Edward Gorey

The life of Edward Gorey told by an old friend



February 14, 2011

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LET US assume that we impose a moratorium on standardized testing for a five-year period. What might we pay attention to in schools in order to say that a school is doing well? If it is not higher test scores that we are looking for, what is it? Let me suggest the kind of data we might seek by raising some questions that might guide our search.

What kinds of problems and activities do students engage in? What kind of thinking do these activities invite? Are students encouraged to wonder and to raise questions about what they have studied? Perhaps we should be less concerned with whether they can answer our questions than with whether they can ask their own. The most significant intellectual achievement is not so much in problem solving, but in question posing. What if we took that idea seriously and concluded units of study by looking for the sorts of questions that youngsters are able to raise as a result of being immersed in a domain of study? What would that practice teach youngsters about inquiry?

-Elliott Eisner

Best thing I’ve read today so far…(now back to research).