The Labyrinthine

January 19, 2011

chronicles of a narcissist

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X: So I’ve been thinking about wedding favors

Y: aha

X: I think we should make something.  Since we will be pretty much doing most everything as DIY projects, I thought perhaps we can make something and I can box it.

Y: like what?

X: I don’t know, maybe some chocolate covered pretzels or cookies…

Y: So you really meant I would be making something and YOU would be boxing it.

X: Hey, I box pretty!  And so it’ll still be a collaboration.

Y: mhmm.

Y: I have another idea.

Y: You can take some nude pictures of me and we’d put it in a favor bag, and there will be only one thing written on it.

X: aha. And whats that?

Y: You’re welcome. *laughs*

X: *sigh*

Y: What? You don’t like my idea?

X: No, I was just thinking that all your ideas seem to revolve around one thing.  You.  You said I should start my felt projects by felting your whole face for the first try out.  Then when I make the coasters, I should put your nude in that one too.  Then you keep suggesting that I paint you in that canvas that I’ve been saving.

Y: Yeah.  You should do it.


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