The Labyrinthine

November 30, 2010

opposite me

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pulling, pulling on lines. not just a line, they be very straight lines.  connecting dots, and pulling on lines to acquaint the two that are seemingly at odds with each other.

she writes with a pencil, because her lines aren’t allowed to walk in squiggles, nor can her dots splotch in their chairs. she seems very practical.  Her snacks sure are.  Green leaf tea, out of a bottle, with a straw.  Granola on the side.

Bangs pinned to the netherlands of her head full of jet black strands.  straight, without squiggles.  Glasses too lose for her small, angular face, slips down and down until every two seconds a hand goes up to push it back up to the forehead.

Frowning lips, open much as small gasps of patience flow in and out.  She doesn’t enjoy her arithmetic, but she lives it.  She even excels in it.

Sometimes I wish when I behold faces such as these, I wish I had their focus.  Then I look up to see what she does with it and I know.  why she sits opposite me.


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