The Labyrinthine

November 22, 2010

my lips velvet to your lashes

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X:  Please

Y: No.

X: Come on. I ask for so little.

Y: You’re a psycho, you know that?

X: Whatever.  Seriously, why should this weird you out so much?  It’s not like you’re a normal person or anything.  And you could just keep your eyes closed, pretend you’re on an island, blue ocean and stuff like that.

Y: No, that doesn’t work for this kind of thing.  You want to feel my EYE LASHES with your mouth!

X: Not exactly.  Just my lips, the velvet of my lips to the strands of your lashes.  It’s so soothing, I can’t explain it Ben.  It’s this surreal feeling…

Y: It’s creepy.  You’re being creepy.

X: Fine.  Be mean.


Y: (sighs) OK, do it.  But this is the absolute last time.  I’m fucking serious.

X: I love you.  Did I tell you about how much I love you?

Y: Psycho.


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