The Labyrinthine

October 20, 2010


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X: Stop being a brat.

Y: Don’t yell at me, I’m sick!  You are not allowed to yell at me when I’m sick.

X: [Sigh]  OK.

Y: And I can be a brat when I’m sick.  [And besides, it’ll just be like what I go through every day dealing with you]

X: Excuse me?  I heard that! You think I’m a brat all the time?  That is so not true!

Y: You can’t disagree with me either, and you can’t say mean things to me when I’m sick.

X: OK, but stop trying to tickle me!  I told you I hate that.

Y: No, I can tickle you.  You have to let me tickle you whenever I want when I’m sick.

X: You tickle me and I won’t show up at 2:30 in the morning tomorrow to take care of you.

Y: Noooooooooo….

X: OK OK, stop.


This flu business is quite an annoyance.  And it get’s rather interesting when you are dealing with it as best as you can, and then infect a 25 year old child (aka boyfriend)  in the process.  I was under the impression that no one could do the royalty complex better than I, but oh brother!  Ehh, two peas in a pod :|


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