The Labyrinthine

June 30, 2010

Meta Meticulous

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The girl who sits across from me in class has very short cropped hair, and she brings lose graph papers to class to take notes.  She uses some kind of fountain pen, in black and green.  I noticed her first for her little 3D colored graphs that she draws in between her notes.  The graphs are meticulously drawn, and very attractive.  The lines she draws are very straight, the dots she fills her graph boxes with all measure the same.  The linear creativity in contrast to her simple script handwriting is so beautiful that sometimes I find it hard to take my eyes away from her papers.  It’s funny, I always notice hands, but I don’t recall how her hands look because I get so distracted by what she does with hers in paper. Her hands always moving, always drawing, eyes squinted in concentration.  I wondered if she was actually paying attention to the material because every time she looks up from her paper, she looks lost, as if she just wants to go back to the daze.  She does smile back when I throw one over, but I think they are cursory for her.

She, with her graph papers, and riveting abyss is beautiful <3.

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