The Labyrinthine

June 29, 2010

Matinee Movie

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I always thought that there is something absolutely effervescent about catching the matinee movies at the theater, akin to being privy to a secret.  Now if it’s an old movie you’re re-experiencing for nostalgic purposes then even better, because you can go on and claim the secret  as a joyous/bittersweet or as you will.  When I think about it, just the notion of a secret makes my stomach flutter and I’d always opt for it over the alternative.  In any case, I loved how Jorge sketched this one, specially the classic red panel for a cozy ambiance, that always makes me yearn for large screens and popcorn.

The other day while passing by a lonely diner at a restaurant eating by himself, Ben commented “that is so beautiful; I love that” or something to that effect.  I asked him why eating/dining by oneself would be a good thing instead of a sad thing, and he construed that it probably meant that the diner is there for the sole joy of experiencing the food itself, rather than the company or other factors.  I thought that was lovely (as I think most of his thoughts are).  Anyway, that was my attempt to explicate my sentiment about matinees :-)


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