The Labyrinthine

March 10, 2010


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I was walking around DUMBO yesterday with my new DSLR shooting videos and stills, when I came across a guy who was gripping on the palm of his hand what looked like a really tiny cell phone at first and capturing waves and rocks by the shore.  I was drawn to this little device again and again until my curiosity got the better of me as usual.  I walked up to him and hovered for a few seconds and then asked him, “dude, is that the tiniest video camera or what?”  He broke into a fraction of a smile and said, “yeah, isn’t it incredible?”  I said, yes, it looks about awesome. It was a Harinezumi 2, a 3mp digital camera / video recorder that he had just bought from the Powerhouse Arena store across the park for $180 + tax.  I was impressed, he was too with my Nikon FG strapped on my neck along with new DSLR body, we bartered a few notes on our love for old school photo/videography, lo-fis and shared a few sighs here and there.  But yeah…the Harinezumi.  Good stuff.

Here’s a video sample:


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