The Labyrinthine

January 25, 2010

of carrots and love

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Sometimes as I lay down, I make my lashes flutter against the pillow because I like the rustling noise it makes.  It stops my insides from whirling on and making more thoughts than I can think of.

This morning I wondered about Ringo Starr, and how he feels about having been what he was or is.  What is that anyway?  Everyone recognizes Paul because he is one of those two, and everyone recognizes John because he is one of the two and he was assassinated.  George always makes me think of the peace mediator for reasons I’m not sure I know.  Here comes the sun.  La la la.  But what about Ringo Starr?

If you asked me what my least favorite word was, it would probably be chronological.  It sounds ominous, doesn’t it?  It reminds me of time lines stretched to nothingness, from nothingness.  It also reminds me of the word chronic.  When is the last time you’ve heard someone say the word chronic in conjunction to something positive?  Chronic ailment, chronic condition.  Conditions are never coveted.

I also like eating carrots more because of the crunchy noise it makes when I bite into it, than the taste of it.  There is a little passage in EL&IC about this character reflecting that people care more to know about whether they are loved than actually feeling love.  The knowledge of whether they are loved or not.  I don’t know whether the two things really correlate or not, but in the back of my mind, whenever I’m munching on a carrot now, I feel the knowledge of there being love.  Isn’t that silly?


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